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Déposant : The Fraser River RIpple Effect

Communauté : Vancouver

Déposé le : Avril 6, 2010

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Les piscicultures à enclos ouvert installées sur les voies de migration du saumon sauvage sont une raison du déclin des populations sauvages. Il faut absolument retirer les piscicultures des passages empruntés par le saumon sauvage.

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I will be swimming the length of the Fraser River this summer in order to raise awareness for factors negatively affecting the wild Pacific salmon and the actions and solutions to improve the survival of this critically important species to our environment and native culture as well as our economy and sense of place.

In a natural system, outward migrating juveniles do not come into contact with concentrations of sea lice from adult salmon in the natural systems anywhere near close to the concentrations of lice that the migrating juveniles now face as they travel past the open pen fish farms on the migration routes. With each farm the migrating juveniles pass, the more chances they currently face of having a sea louse attach them selves. The higher the number of lice on a juvenile, the less likely they are to survive pressure from predators and the less likely they are to not make it back to their natal stream beds as spawners.

The numbers of the Pacific Salmon Stock have been declining since the mid 90's and in 2009, with few exceptions, stocks hit all time lows. Iit's time to address the factors that are contributing to this decline. Open pen fish farms on the wild salmon migration routes ARE a factor in the wild stock's decline. Removing farms from the wild salmon narrows is imperative. We can no longer be so foolish with our fish.

Michelle Nickerson
The Fraser River Ripple Effect Relay and Fundraiser
The Poisson D'Avril Campaign - 'we can no longer be so foolish with our fish'

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