Représentations 0207-CROZIER

Déposant : Nancy Crozier

Communauté : Gabriola

Déposé le : Septembre 18, 2010

Résumé :
On doit confier aux membres des Premières nations l’intendance de la montaison du saumon rouge du Fraser. On doit leur accorder le mandat et les fonds nécessaires pour protéger le saumon rouge du Fraser contre la surpêche, la pollution et le développement humain.

Représentations :
Dear Leo Perra, & Judge Cohen,

I would like to make the suggestion that the First Nations people be accorded Stewardship of the Fraser River Sockeye Salmon run and that they have the mandate given to them to preserve and protect the salmon runs from industrial over-fishing , pollution by industry and communities, over-development of human settlements in fragile ecosystems, and monitoring of fish stocks in all the stages of development. And give them funding and legislation to support this endeavor, and to run this program and that expert scientific consultation be upheld and not ignored in the face of profit and greed.

This would have been the job of the Ministry of Fisheries but they seem to have made a botch of their job.
The salmon are a wonder of nature and a treasure we share in protecting and nurturing.
Let's get a responsible and historically invested group like our First Nations to steward this resource. They had centuries of doing this before white men came to "develop Canada's natural resources".
Listen to the environmental scientists and the First Nations - Don't ignore this vital information at our expense.
Thank you
Nancy Crozier

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