Représentations 0190-FETTERLEY

Déposant : Shawn Fetterley

Communauté : North Vancouver

Déposé le : Septembre 15, 2010

Résumé :
Il est indispensable d’identifier les principaux facteurs qui expliquent le déclin des populations de saumon. De plus, il faut éliminer les captures accessoires, améliorer la localisation des poissons et les méthodes de prévision, atténuer les pressions exercées sur les saumons qui remontent le courant, améliorer l’application de la législation, démanteler les installations piscicoles dans les océans et consulter les collectivités qui ont perdu leurs ressources halieutiques.

Représentations :
1. We need to source the major contributing factors for Salmon population decrease.
2. We need to find a way to eliminate by catch and prevent unecssary death even if it means closing down fisheries for a certain period of time.
3. We need the ability to properly track returning fish, release of fry from spawning grounds and expected return of runs each year.
4. we need to relieve pressure on the Salmon once they reach fresh water or the first mile of the river.
5. we need to find a system that allows proper enforcement for all parties including but not limited to commercial, recreational and most importantly native.
6. We need to remove the fish farms from open ocean to inland salt water lakes, not just away from migratory paths.
7. We need to listen to the other communities in Canada and Europe who have lost their fisheries and act on it now, not in 5 years.

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