Représentations 0017-HEALEY

Déposant : Michael Healey

Communauté : Peachland

Déposé le : Avril 1, 2010

Résumé :
Le document ci-joint présente les caractéristiques qui font du saumon du Pacifique une espèce résistante et propose une approche de gestion des pêches qui appuierait cette résistance naturelle, et non le contraire.

Représentations :
I am sending a copy of a paper I published last year on issues of salmon management and salmon resilience in British Columbia as I think it is relevant to the deliberations of the commission. I am also completing a paper on cumulative impacts of climate change on Fraser sockeye that I will submit to the commission shortly.
I am currently a visiting professor at Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan so contact, if you wish it, is best by email.
Michael Healey
Professor emeritus, UBC

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Liste des commentaires

Nom: jack emberly

Date de création: August 8, 2010

A thourough and important perspective. Thanks for this, Professor Healey

Nom: Dr. Roland Alcock

Date de création: September 7, 2010

This paper is one of the most cogent and perceptive analyses of the counter productive fishery resource practices of DFO and other overseeing bodies and legislators I have ever read. I urge the Cohen Commission to read and study this paper and consider the implications for recovering our sockeye stocks, and all of our remaining West Coast salmon resources.