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Déposant : Sheila Pratt

Communauté : Maple Ridge

Déposé le : Août 19, 2010

Résumé :
L’opinion des personnes actives, qui pour la plupart, ne connaissent pas la Commission, ne devrait pas être considérée comme moins crédible que celle de l’industrie de l’aquaculture, qui aura recours à d’importantes ressources pour défendre ses intérêts.

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As a lay person, I can't add anything 'scientific' to the discussion, but I also can't help but wonder what relationship there was between the 'failed' salmon runs and fish farm activity as those missing salmon were exposed to the farms in question.
And, as with so many policy decisions, I am concerned that the deep pockets - in this case, the fish farms - will be given more credibility than the rest of the population. I suspect that the great majority of Canadians don't even know that this commission exists and so won't be making their voices heard. Of course, the open net cage aquaculture industry knows about the commission and they will be doing all they can to protect their interests. Who will protect the interests of the wild salmon and people with busy lives who are unaware of this commission?

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Nom: Don Watts

Date de création: August 25, 2010

Dear Sheila;

Scary stuff. Fish farmers with deep pockets and conspiracy theories.

I'm a fish farmer and can assure you this is not the case.

But I can't help but to ask you; if you weren't aware of the Cohen Inquiry, then maybe you're also unaware of this years record sockeye and pink salmon returns. So much for your "farm" theory.

Donm Watts