Représentations 0146-MORRISON

Déposant : Michael Morrison

Communauté : Nanaimo

Déposé le : Août 12, 2010

Résumé :
Les piscicultures à cages en filet ne devraient pas recevoir la certification biologique. Elles devraient être installées sur la terre ferme ou totalement interdites.

Représentations :
To give open net fish farms "ORGANIC" status is a sick joke, surely? The fish as a food are very nearly poisonous, and the damage and destruction to our coast and wild fish should be made a criminal act. IT IS CERTAINLY NOT "ORGANIC", no matter how you look at it. Open net fish farming should be moved to land based containment or banned completely, before it is too late.

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Nom: priscilla judd

Date de création: August 20, 2010

I agree that fish farms should be on land in closed containment and so do 17,000 people in the UK and 5,000 people who walked to the Victoria Legislature last May and lots of people in Norway. I sent my message to the organic regulators that to certify fish farms as "organic" would cast suspicion on organic certification. I hope others will submit their comments too.

Nom: Don Stafford

Date de création: August 21, 2010

Bit of wasted energy here. By farmers raising the "bar" through certifications and organic standards, one would think this would be a good thing. To ask for farming to simply stop is just not reality and flies in the face of common sense (we farm everything else for a good reason).

Nom: Ken Hamer

Date de création: September 15, 2010

"we farm...for a good reason"?
People farm opium for only one reason:
To make money regardless of the consequences to humanity.