Représentations 0114-MOUNTAIN

Déposant : Robert Mountain

Communauté : Alert Bay

Déposé le : Juillet 1, 2010

Résumé :
Je m’inquiète du fait que des filets maillants de différentes tailles sont installés dans les piscicultures. Ces filets sont dans l’eau toute l’année. Comme on compte 12 enclos à chaque emplacement, plus de 800 filets capturent des poissons illégalement. Saumoneaux et saumons adultes se prennent dans ces filets, dont les mailles ne sont pas assez grandes. Des centaines de poissons seraient attrapés, sans compter ceux qui pénètrent dans les enclos et se font dévorer. Aucun rapport ne fait état de cette situation. Il faut mener une enquête à ce sujet.

Représentations :
hello, I have a concern with the fish farms. They have about 130 FF in Bc and about 80 active all at once during a fiscal year. My concern is that these sites all have different size mesh nets at different times of the year. And these nets are in the water and are fishing all year round. If anyone else had a net in the water they would be charged. With 12 pens per site that means that there are over 800 nets illegally fishing all year round.
There are some people who have quit and are no longer under the confidentiality agreement and have come forward with this. They have said that smolts and adults get gilled in these nets and they have to clean their nets all the time. But there is no reporting of this . And also adult salmon gill themselves because their pred nets are of sufficient size mesh to gill them.So how long has this been happening and to what extent is this happening. Some have said that hundreds at a time are cleaned from the nets from being gilled, not counting the fish that enter the pens and get eaten. This needs to be investigated, thanks, Gilakasla, Hereditary Chief Robert Mountain

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