Représentations 1131-EYRE

Déposant : SUSAN EYRE

Communauté : YAHK

Déposé le : Décembre 15, 2011

Résumé :
Je vais suivre vos travaux de près pour voir si vous travaillez pour le compte du Canada ou si vous dilapidez notre héritage au profit de la grande entreprise.

Représentations :
Dear Cohen Commission,
I am very grateful that you have reopened the Cohen commission to reexamine the presence of the ISA virus in Pacific Salmonids. Even up here in the East Kootenay, we are very aware of the Pacific salmons plight -we are aware that we once had chinook runs up here too, and Salmon are Sacred to us still. It is so important to us that the Pacific salmon are given the respect that they desrve for all of the good they do for the people, land and aquatic animals and the habitat.
Because we have lost our salmon we know first hand, how much starvation resulted and how much ongoing degradation continues from lack of salmonid nutrients in our aquatic and land systems. I will be watching closely to see if you are working on behalf of Canada, or if you are selling our birthright and Commons away for profit to some Corporation.
yours sincerely,
Susan Eyre

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