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Déposant : Eric Stoughton

Communauté : Black Creek

Déposé le : Juin 30, 2010

Résumé :
Je suis salmoniculteur et adepte de la pêche sportive. Je souhaite l’exploitation durable de toutes les espèces pour que chacun puisse en profiter, mais vu mon travail, on croit que je ne me soucie pas de la durabilité des populations sauvages. Peut-être devrions-nous mener une enquête approfondie sur les causes naturelles du déclin des populations sauvages, comme la taupe du Pacifique. Si le nombre de taupes du Pacifique augmente année après année parce que l’espèce n’est pas pêchée ou n’a pas de prédateur naturel, n’est-il pas normal que les populations de saumon soient soumises à des pressions croissantes, ce qui expliquerait peut-être que le déclin est passé de 12 % à 25 %, comme on l’a mentionné précédemment?

Représentations :
I am a Salmon Farmer and an avid sport fisherman. I catch and release almost all fish I catch (who doesn't like a little fresh fish and chips now and then?)Nearly all of my catches that are retained go to my mother and grandmother to enjoy. I want to ensure a viable fishery of all species for all persons to enjoy out here as much as anyone, I clean up our beaches, Dive in our rivers collecting garbage...(usually below bridges thrown over by emcon crews repairing bridge decking, saw blades and deck spikes for example)and all that said I am still a dirty old Salmon farmer, Hearing people make an assumption that because of my choice of occupation thatI dont care about the environment or sustainability of wild stocks enrages me.
Perhaps we should delve deeper into the natural causes of wild stock declines. It is my understanding that there is a lovely little predator of the sea named "LAMNA DITROPIS"...the Salmon shark...apparently they got the name because of their primary diet..hmmm salmon per chance?
I have read that some estimates have been given that they could account for for the depletion of an annual run from 12%-25%.Their flesh can even be tinged that lovely pink because of the amount of salmon consumed
I am not a biologist nor do I have an "honarary" doctrate, but correct me if I am wrong, If the Salmon Shark stocks have an increase over the years due to lack of a fishery or other natural predators, wont The salmon stocks have more pressure put on them possibly increasing the afformentioned 12-25% run decline? is perhaps this what happened to the Sockeye, we will probably never know.
I cant seem to locate any information on estimated Salmon Shark population seems to me there is not that much known about their impact on wild stocks and it is pretty darned convenient to point fingers at "the new kid on the block" if you will.
I understand that I am an "uneducated" fish farmer and that I may be well off base here but I thought I would at least build up the courage to put in my two bits.
Please feel free to send your "constructive" critisism or any insights/links to solid research on the Salmon Shark you may have to me as I am genuinly interested, to

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