Représentations 1082-VIENNEAU

Déposant : hubert j vienneau

Communauté : port hastings

Déposé le : Décembre 14, 2011

Résumé :
Il faut déménager les fermes d’élevage sur la terre ferme.

Représentations :
We cannot create what the creator has given all the inhabitants of our wonderful planet Earth,however we can continually improve our methods of caring for The garden of Eden,Yes (i consider Earth still to be the garden of Eden) and capable of feeding a multitude of animal life,if we just give it half a chance.
No one has the right to knowingly pollute the air water,and earths, soil knowingly.
We have the technology to improve many of the past mistakes that have been done from dams to,causeways,preventing free flow water,and allowing fish migration and passage.
Just as a farm on land must contain the excess elements it creates,so should the Aquaculture farms.
The best way to contain the Aquaculture industry is to make land based containments ,where the water intake and outflow can be controlled and monitored.
I always think how the beef industry must of viewed the abundant Bison and wild game,as a competitor,but this grotesque view is not shared by the people of Canada or the world. I can not imagine the impact of loosing the biomass of the Pacific ocean,the impact would have on the planet. It would no doubt cause food War.
I can imagine the wealth and power the Aquaculture industry would have,if they are not governed.
Therefore they should not be the judges of the impact they have on a resource that belongs to Canada and the people. Please Canada start viewing the gifts the creator has given all of us as a sacred resource,and we are the caretakers as The creator has meant it to be.
Are we the most intelligent species on the planet? It is time for us to show that we are the most intelligent species and caretakers of Planet Earth. Nothing should come between the RIGHT decisions,on preservation of the earths resources. Garden of Eden, Versus Aquaculture?

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