Représentations 1016-FOGEL

Déposant : Ken Fogel

Communauté : Stone Mtn.

Déposé le : Décembre 13, 2011

Résumé :
En tant que consommateur, je suis très inquiet de la prévalence du VAIS décelé dans le saumon de l’Atlantique.

Représentations :
As a consumer, I'm very concerned about the prevalence of the ISA virus that has been found in Atlantic salmon and is showing up in farm raised salmon and further contaminating wild salmon in Canada.
I understand that there are some trade issues involving Scotland and Iceland, and perhaps other countries, but why would anyone want to compromise a valuable resource that exists in the many varieties of wild salmon?
This logic escapes me and the science is there to show the risk from this virus.
Science must win out, but this issue also effects the Canadian economy in the long term as it relates to fishing and tourism.

I hope you will consider these points as this issue comes before the Cohen Commission..

Thank you.
Ken Fogel.

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