Submission 0940-BLAND

Submitter: Charlie Bland

Community: Heriot Bay

Date Submitted: December 9, 2023

The commission should look at collusion between Fisheries and Oceans, the fish farm industry and the ministries in charge of fish health. Fish farms on the migratory routes of wild stocks should be stopped until more is understood about ISAv.

I respecfully suggest that the commission take a hard look at the apparent collusion that seems to exist with Fisheries and Oceans,the fish farm industry and the ministeries in charge of fish health.

I suggest that it is most urgent that all scientific analysis of fish farm diseases and viruses found in wild fish stocks be done by scientific contractors not related or controlled by the government or the industry. That complete detail of methodology and test conclusions be published or available for review by any person or agency requesting it.That any person or agency that sends in samples for testing has the legal right to have the test done as long as the test is paid for at the normal going rate.

I strongly advise that there be a moratorium on fish farm expansion.
Operation of open net fish farms during the outward migration and return of wild stocks should also be stopped until more is understood about the ISA v.

Charlie Bland

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