Submission 0934-BRADEN

Submitter: les braden

Community: Vancouver

Date Submitted: December 8, 2023

The conduct of DFO in failing to protect the ocean from ISAV is appalling and criminal and should be prosecuted. Turning the ISAV virus loose in BC is the same as a terrorist releasing anthrax in a postal station. I applaud Justice Cohen for his commitment to flushing out the truth of this matter.

I am a concerned citizen who values wild salmon. The conduct of the DFO in regard to protecting our native waters from the ISAV pestilence is appalling. I consider, their deceit and trickery around them first opening the door to this disease in our waters, and then the subsequent cover ups and manipulation of policy to allow this travesty to continue to this late stage, criminal in every sense of the word. If it is shown to be as we suspect, that the dfo has in fact
enabled salmon farms to pollute our waters and assist this virus in establishing itself here in our water is a violation of our basic rights and criminal charges against the senior officers should apply. We need to send the message to those that would hold senior government ministry positions that irresponsibility on their parts is a criminal punishable matter and they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for their criminal wrong doings. Turning the ISAV virus loose in BC is to me the same as a terrorist releasing anthrax in a postal station. Turning a blind eye to the release of the ISAV virus is the same and I want to see penalties applied forcefully to those who took part. IF it is proven that the DFO with held vital information from the COhen commission I sincerely hope Justice Cohen applies the fullest penalty to the perpetrators. Prosecution fines and jail time plus professional discreditation must follow if justice is to be served and this result to be avoided in future. IF these people are allowed to get away with this then there will be no incentive for others to uphold our laws. These people have taken public money for doing their jobs poorly to the complete detriment of all future generations and have thereby failed to serve the public and IM sick of these kind of people getting away with this stuff at public expense. We now have the task of cleaning up the mess they have left at our expense. They have gven millions to fish farms to support thier industry and cost us the public millions more now to clean up after them. This should not go unpunished. this should be one of the biggest shake ups of government ministries ever. ALl government ministries should be put on notice that if you fail to serve the public good at the highest level you will suffer severe consequence. If its proven that you lied or deceived or with held vital information when required to reveal such vital information you will be held accountable for your criminal acts. I applaud Justice Cohen for his commitment to flushing out the truth of this matter and look forward to his determinations and sincerely hope his office has the teeth required to bite any wrongdoers that are found to be party to this coverup.

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