Submission 0927-ORRLANSDOWNE

Submitter: Heather Orr/Lansdowne

Community: Sointula

Date Submitted: December 5, 2023

If the Canadian government doesn’t listen and put wild salmon and the coast first, we are all going to pay dearly.

I’ve been waiting for open net fish farms to be removed from our BC waters since 2007, believing that our First Nations would be heard by our Canadian Government. With dismay we were all invisible. What is it going to take to have open net fish farm pens removed from our waters? Is the Canadian Government waiting for the USA to sue us for introducing the ISA virus to their Wild Salmon stocks. I say bring it on, sue us. If this is what it takes for the people who care to be heard by our Canadian
Government then be it. If our Canadian Government doesn’t listen and put our Wild Salmon and the Coast first we are all going to pay dearly, one way or the other.

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