Submission 0924-FLAGEL

Submitter: Gary Flagel

Community: Prince George

Date Submitted: December 2, 2023

All documents on fish farming should be published for public review.

It is high time DFO reported HONESTLY to the public as it is paid by the public tax to function. Not to be manipulated by the polilitics of the day and for that reason the Coenzyme Commision Inquirery documents should be published in full for the public to review. My greatest fear is that the powerful fish farming lobby will get there way and wild fish be damned. Because if you reply think about it: the less wild fish there are = more food fish for farmed fish. Therefore wild fish and Eco systems be damned, who needs those? And this means fish farming I’d sustainable,HA.
So if fish farming is to feed the growing world population then a more affordable fish product is what to farm. Salmon is not that fish.

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