Submission 0909-KENDY

Submitter: Nan Kendy

Community: Prince George

Date Submitted: November 28, 2023

Make public the document produced for the commission by Alexandra Morton.

Make public the document produced for the commission by Alexandra Morton. I have seen first hand, just by dipping a bucket into the waters of the Broughton Archepeligo 100 meters out from a fish farm the young fry infested by lice, struggling to swim to the surface, so weighted down by the half dozen or more lice attached to them, they die a very slow and sad death. That was in 2004 and today it is the scenario is even worse. So when I see the numerous government advertisements on TV in support of farmed fish I feel deceived. These advertisements sponsered by the government give us the impression that no science is involved in the evidence produced by those who do not support fish farming in the water. They are strongly implying in a very subtle way that any criticism of fish farming is not valid or scientifically proven. Yet the proof sits everywhere you look in the water and in the many scientific reports that demonstrate over and over how fish are dying. I don’t understand what it is the government fears so much that it is unable to hear, see or speak the truth! It seems that all the time that has been spent resisting the truth we could have seen the farmed salmon moved out of the water and onto the land many times over! Please stop stalling and pay attention to those who care what happens to the wild salmon!

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