Submission 0906-NICOLI

Submitter: Mishah NIcoli

Community: Spruce Grove

Date Submitted: November 28, 2023

Save the wild salmon.

Salmon are one of our canadian treasures.One I have a deep respect for just like the rest of the living species that are here to support us as human beings.Like trees,which we may or may not take seriously when it comes to managing they’re harvest.Cod for example,no one took to seriously untill all the resourses
were gone.In this case DO we have to wait and see that wild salmon among all the other problems with virusus and sea lice are completely out of our control before we do something incredible for the future of our Oceans and Salmon.Please consider ALL consequences for our actions.I realize the job is emmence.May you be blessed and supported to make decisions that are honourable for
everyone.Thank You.

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