Submission 0901-HOLLISTON

Submitter: Jack Holliston

Community: Lake Cowichan

Date Submitted: November 27, 2023

Alexander Morton is the only person making the decline of wild salmon public knowledge. Two corrupt governments can be very hard on our health.

If it hadn’t of been for Alexander Morton this decimation of the wild stock salmon industry would have been kept from public knowledge.The DFO and the ministers involved are an overpaid incompetent group of government people.We have two major problems A very corrupt provincial liberal government and the Hopeless Harper federal regime It’s really disgusting when a foreign company can produce a fish product that should be labeled toxic to your health. But the feds
and provincial gov’s give them the go ahead to put this garbage on the market. Is that why CANCER is the leading killer in all the provinces? Shea was another very incompetent
overpaid person. How much money do these foreign owned fish companies pay the Liberal/conservative governments under the table?
Are the wild stock being destroyed so Canadians will be forced to eat their toxic products? Has to be a sweetheart deal somewhere.
The DFO destroyed the East coast fishery and now they are working on destroying the West coast fishery.
What are the fish farms feeding their fish?
How much antibiotics are they being given?
Who is keeping track?
Two corrupt governments can be very hard on our health. We would not use their fish for fertilizer.
How many knowledgeable,decent,honest scientists that are not on the take are being kept out of the decisions?
Privatization is criminally motivated.

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