Submission 0897-CAMPBELL

Submitter: John Campbell

Community: Gabriola Island

Date Submitted: November 26, 2023

Why isn’t the government speaking for wild salmon like Alexandra Morton?

Dear Mr. Cohen

Further to my submission yesterday.

This evening I have seen at least two ads placed by the Salmon Farming Assoc.. In fact there are many ads each day. I wonder who should be placing ads in support of the wild salmon. Possibly this is the responsibility of The Minister of Fisheries but I would seriously doubt that they would agree that this is there job. So then who’s job is it. Yes I can see that the Salmon Farmers are an important industry but surely if they cared they would not be criticizing the position of wild fish but rather helping therm however they certainly do not present any case for them.

There is very little evidence that the wild salmon have anyone speaking for them except for Alexandra Morton and a few other people. Why is the Government their adversary. Surely in a thoughtful world any government would want to protect all of our wild species.

Kind regards John B. Campbell

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