Submission 0886-ROBERTSON

Submitter: bruce robertson

Community: Powell River

Date Submitted: November 26, 2023

Alexandra Morton is the most credible player in the inquiry process.

As a private citizen ,who has lived 69 of his 80 years , I followed your inquiry with as much detail and personal intensity as I could muster.
I have been and cannot help continue to being overwhelmed by the choosing to accept , by your commission , who and what groups you decide to give credibility to during your investigations. This seems to be done by your inquiry in spite of the Federal biologists seemingly muzzled through what appears as “below the radar “deep pressure from their immediate Superiors.
Your also accepting the BC Govt. , as credible though it seemed to be pointed out time and time again how they refused to hold the salmon farms accountable to the laws and rules they themselves had produced.
The other most important credit less witness you seemed to accept as credible was the Farmed Salmon Industry , who has been and still is the most biased witness one like myself would ever expect a commission of such stature to accept.
By common logic, even without consideration of their gain of immense power and profitability should the whole wild salmon stock be wiped out,this organisation is fighting for complete “for profit” control of the entire industry ( monopoly ).
On the other hand you had before one very qualified ,Dr. Andrea Morton, whose only bias was to expose you to the truth fight to show your commission the lies,deceit and lack of credible action by all the federal, provincial and private overseers of this great treasure.I feel in the final analysis allowed her testimony to be what looked like deliberately clouded, largely dismissed.
With all the developments which are now, coming from under the shadows to the light.
I must say ,as an avid British Columbian , deeply disappointed and bewildered citizen of Canada and BC. Bruce A Robertson

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