Submission 0882-CAMPBELL

Submitter: John Campbell

Community: Gabriola Island

Date Submitted: November 25, 2023

DFO is derelict in its duty to protect both the fish and the fishery. Without the dedication of Alexandra Morton, this commission wouldn’t even exist.

Dear Mr. Cohen

It is almost impossible to believe that a Ministry charged with looking after the future of the Atlantic Cod could years later be given the same responsibility to look after the Pacific salmon.

Not only is this ministry abrogating its responsibility but it would appear that they are complicit in its destruction.

Several years ago I asked a staff member in BC whether the Ministry was looking after the fish or the fishery and they responded the fishery. it is evident that today they are not even concerned with the fishery. Tens of thousands of people have lost a source of income, the natives have lost their inherited right to fish as there are little or no fish and all we have today are closed pen foreign fish which may employ some people but do not provide the food for mammals and birds nor provide the inherited traditional food for the natives or the sport fishery for the rest of the population.

Our way of west coast life is disappearing right in front of our eyes and we are supposed to accept a closed net fishery in exchange for this grievous loss. No we will not.

It is obvious that the government has appointed no one to represent our salmon and this is a tragic dereliction of their inherited duty.

Every morning I awake I thank the dedication of Alexandra Morton for without the effort of this stalwart lady it is entirely possible we would not even have your commission.

Please speak for our wild salmon.

Kind regards

John B.campbell

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