Submission 0871-BANKS

Submitter: Deborah Banks

Community: Sparks

Date Submitted: November 25, 2023

Seriously investigate the viruses that are infecting wild sockeye.

While I am a US citizen, I have been following British Columbia’s and Canada’s response to the decimation of Frasier River sockeye salmon who cross waters containing salmon fish farms. I urge you to seriously investigate the viruses that are infecting the wild sockeye. There is no reason to put these fish farms on the river when they can be based on land. Please be honest in your discoveries and not be beholden to large corporations. Do not let the Pacific salmon suffer the same fate as the Atlantic salmon and for the same reason. You have a chance to save the wild and put them over any dubious profits. I never buy nor will I ever buy farmed fish. A fish is not a farming animal. Please listen to Alexandria Morton and the native tribes, as well as thousands of fisherman, citizen of Canada and the world. Thank you.

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