Submission 0836-FLOODY

Submitter: Eileen Floody

Community: Tofino

Date Submitted: October 2, 2023

Make public the document produced for the commission by Alexandra Morton.

I urge you to make Alexandra Morton’s report a public document. It is increasingly obvious that salmon farming is having an impact on wild salmon stocks. I am sure there are lots of other issues: bad logging practices and other impacts on salmon streams, global warming, natural fluctuations, overall damage to ocean ecosystems, overfishing, etc. One thing we can easily control is get fish farms out of the ocean. Ms Morton has done extensive research on this area and her work deserves to be included in the Commission’s deliberations as much as, if not more so, than the reports of the salmon farming industry. She has no monetary bias; they do.
Respectfully submitted,
Eileen Floody
October 2, 2023

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