Submission 0827-FRANKE

Submitter: Myrna Franke

Community: Vancouver

Date Submitted: October 1, 2023

Make public the document produced for the commission by Alexandra Morton.

Dear Justice Cohen,
We are fortunate that concerns with regard to salmon Aquaculture have been put to this you at this commission.
In work by Alexandra Morton we see a staggering level of evidence which is truly compelling.
Her presentation for you, Commissioner, should be viewed by the public, as it sheds light on Aquaculture practices and wild salmon health. Her scientific work is highly respected and peer-reviewed. Her observations are crucial to you inquiry as she is an independent witness to salmon biology and the results of open-net salmon farming.
As a proud citizen of this province for 60 years I am proud of our wild salmon resources. We wish to recommend that you include the study Alexandra Morton has presented. It has importance for our wild salmon, gives respect for ocean ecosystems which promote health of the precious resource of wild salmon in B. C.
Yours very sincerely,
Myrna Franke

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