Submission 0824-SWANSTON

Submitter: Richard Swanston

Community: Delta

Date Submitted: September 30, 2023

The lack of protection and follow up under the province’s Environmental Review Process is endangering salmon. For example, the Gateway Project requested changes that would affect salmon habitat after the process was completed. The CEAA process is also flawed and should be reviewed.

Sept.30th 2011
Recently the Auditor Generals Office has created a report on the short comings of the Provinces Environmental Review Process in B.C.
What underscore the lack of Habitat Protection here in B.C. that would directly affect Salmon in the various stages of development and migration. Is the LACK of protection and follow up under this process . Most recently the Gateway Project has requested revisions to there development programs and have requested changes AFTER the process has been completed that would directly affect Fraser River Salmon and Habitat they require The changes include the placement of Culverts rather then have proper bridges over salmon baring streams, Several other changes have also been requested ?
The CEAA process already has been rife with glossy printed promises that have NO METHOD of being policed or follow up after the completion.
One glaring example that has been BURIED was a project in the Fraser Estuary at Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal The Proponent requested to cover a large extent of Eel Grass Habitat and intertidal in this ” Red Zone Area ” In 1990 – 1991 To create a larger Paved Parking Area and additional Berth ! As ” Compensation ” for the loss of this Valuable Fisheries Habitat A Intertidal Lagoon was Created that was to make a Superior Fisheries Habitat. I have a Report Dated August 2003 from Rare Earth Consulting That not only questions the Fisheries Habitat Benefit garnered by this So Called ” Habitat Enhancement” But has found the the AREA of Habitat Created is being reduced annually. So we have black topped a significant area of Salmon Habitat with little of no compensation benefit ? What is the follow up here ?
Boundary Bay Airport Delta B.C. was reactivated after a HUGE CEAA Process extensive public submissions and costs VOLUMES of studies and recommendations Yet many of the requirements made under this process have been ignored now that the ownership has been change Again a Toothless CAEE Process All the recommendations and requirements are soon lost
The Parking Lot remains as does the Delta Airport but the compensation and processes that surround the protection of these valuable habitats are forgotten ?
Another more resent example was the Third Berth Project at Delta Port the proponent made certain undertakings under the Environmental Assessment Aplocation Process . Glossy promises to protect this Critical Fisheries and Wildlife Habitat from the dangers of Bulk Fuel transfers in the expanded Rail transport section of the project The submission goes on at length as to the process to be conducted to re fuel the large locomotives stipulating that this would take place away from Delta Port. Within Months of the completion of the project Re Fueling of Locomotives was being conducted On the Causeway on an almost Daily Basis Using Bulk Semi Trailer Tanker loads of fuel ?
A Traffic Management Plan was to be installed and idling of truck traffic to the Delta Port was to be minimized Yet we saw long lines of Semi Trailer in excess of 60 Idling trucks that blocked the roadways to portions of are community and made for hazardous conditions on highways These are OBVIOUS problems that have under mined the CAEE Processes that any lay person can see What other items of a more technical nature have been over looked by the proponent ? WHOM IS THE ADVOCATE FOR THE SALMON HABITAT ??? What other projects that directly affect Salmon Habitat area being conducted under the CEAA Process that are under way in distant parts of the Province that are out if the prying eyes of observers ? Again WHOM is protecting the environment Why can these commitments be made then ignored in such a caviler fashion ??? Further more What has become of the Money’s that were to go to other Habitat Projects as Compensation for the Third Berth Project WHOM IS DOING OVER SITE HERE ???? The Provincial Auditors General Report only covers the BC Process and it was lacking ! Whom is going to review the CEAA Process and Audit the funds and undertakings made under this process ? Three More Berths are planned for the Delta Port Fraser River Delta estuary area . WHOM will be advocating for this most important Salmon Habitat in the World NOT the DFO or CEAA or the CWS !!!!

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