Submission 0820-WILLIAMS

Submitter: Lorraine Williams

Community: Sointula

Date Submitted: September 30, 2023

Remove foreign-owned fish farms from the migration routes of salmon.

In my opinion DFO is creating data and private science to achieve the agenda of eliminating the few remaining independent commercial fisherman from the Fraser River Sockeye. Fish Farms are the tool they are using to privatize the public resource and pave the way for oil and water extraction.
Does it not count what one sees right before their eyes? Right now today in our harbour countless schools of herring are swimming. However when the sun shines into the water the sight is very tragic, as most of the herring are covered in sea lice. Where is the data on this?? Also what is the true data on the numbers of Fraser River fish that the Americans catch every year? What is the number of sockeye that they caught in 2009 versus 2010?
DFO had no problem removing generations of Canadian independent commercial fisherman from the Fraser River Sockeye, destroying lives and communities up and down our coast. (Mifflin Plan in 1996). Mr. Cohen, why not remove the foreign corporate farms from the migration routes?

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