Submission 0802-PERRY

Submitter: Lyle Perry

Community: Vancouver

Date Submitted: September 29, 2023

Make public the document produced for the commission by Alexandra Morton.

I want to write the comissions to urge them to conisder Alexandra Morton’ report be entered as evidence to be considered by judge Cohen. I attended the hearings when Morton was at the stand. I felt that the salmon farm lawyers were putting a suspicious amount of effort into having all the work that she has done be discounted. Why is independently funded research being dismissed as biased? Should it not be the opposite? Morton has nothing to gain financially from the commissions but she does have the best interest of wild salmon in mind. This whole process has made me depressingly skeptical of the DFOs ability to operate independent of industry interests. The DFO should only answer to the taxpayer.


Lyle Perry

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