Submission 0752-ORRLANSDOWNE

Submitter: Heather Orr/Lansdowne

Community: Sointula

Date Submitted: September 27, 2023

A story about why open net pen fish farms should not be allowed in the ocean.

Our Canadian Governments need to rule in favor of our Wild Salmon and put Open Pen Fish Farms in closed containers on land. Our BC Coast is to valuable to it’s people to sell out to Open Pen Fish Farmers and their Owners. BC’s Coast will loose a lot more then the cost of putting farmed Atlantic Salmon in closed containers. Canada is not the exception to the devastation that Open Net Fish Farms have done in other countries.

Published in 2007 written myself and still we wait.

Once upon a time, not so long ago and not so far away, there was a beautiful place on the BC coast named Broughton Archipelago. We called it God’s Country. And in God’s Country, we had sea life, wild life, trees and clean water and enough resources to keep many people working. Working, to put milk on the tables, walked together hand in hand with pleasure seeking people who sport fished,kayaked and toured God’s Country’s breath taking scenery. One day people came from far away and anchored open cage net pens filled with Atlantic Salmon in areas where the Wild Pink Salmon migrated. One farm followed another farm, soon God’s Country had about 15 to 20 farms operating all year. Mother Nature tried to clean up the impurities caused by the Fish Farms, but soon called out for help from the people who cared. The people heard her plea, and they cried out for help from their MLA’s, Provincial Leaders,and Canadian Government. But the cries to put Farmed Atlantic Salmon in closed containers fell on deaf ears. Mother Nature’s Wild Pink Salmon was disappearing, and this was the very food link for the survival of sea life and wild life. It fed the bears, seals, sea-lions, orcas and even the trees. From the tinniest micro-organism right up to the largest life in God’s Country, it sustained the economy in all areas, from commercial fishing to sports fishing, tourism, grocery stores, fuel docks,restaurants, pubs, and even the smallest business. A big man named Gordie thought God’s Country should have more Fish Farms. Gordie couldn’t see clearly, for he had large dollar signs blinding his vision. It didn’t take long for Mother Nature and her people to lose the sea life, wild life and their jobs to Atlantic Fish Farms. All we have left to show how beautiful God’s Country really was is on video at our local museum and library. Are there any jobs for the people in God’s Country? Yes, there are Farmed Atlantic Fish Processing plants along with one tourism business. Signs invite people to tour the Environmentally Friendly Fish Farms in the Broughton Archipelago. Is any of Mother Nature’s wild life left? There was a seal spotted around one the the Fish Farms, but he was Found dead, strangled in the net of the Fish Farm. Atlantic Salmon was the only fish left living in the Boughton Archipelago. And what happened to Mother Nature? She laid down next to Common Sense and fell asleep for a long time, waiting for the MLA’s Provincial Leaders and the Canadian Government to help her.

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