Submission 0739-PARTON

Submitter: Kathy Parton

Community: Sointula

Date Submitted: September 18, 2023

DFO should be removed from being responsible for wild salmon and fish farms should removed from the salmon’s migration routes.

Their is substantial, consistent evidence from Norway,Scotland,Ireland and Chile that situating salmon farms near migration routes of native stocks of fish is detrimental to the native stocks. I am sure that DFO is aware of this,and judging by their behavior in the courtroom and the obvious conflicts of interest going on between Government and industry, it appears that the DFO is supporting and protecting the foreign owned salmon farms at the expense of the Frazer river wild stocks of salmon. I am worried if DFO remains in charge of protecting wild salmon, we will have no wild salmon left. I would like to see DFO removed from being responsible for wild salmon before it is too late. I would like to see Dr. Kristi Miller’s funding restored so she can complete her research. I would like the open net farms removed from BC coast, but until that happens it is critical that the farms be removed immediately from the migration routes of the native runs of salmon, I believe Norway who enforces regulations on farms has at least a 12 mile limit between the farms and the wild salmon runs. The Federal and Provincial Governments are totally responsible for this debacle and they need to be held accountable. I suggest that their should be and inquiry into DFO’s mandate and their actions.

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Name: Carolyn Wold

Date Created: September 24, 2023

Kathy, you said it well! DFO is not doing their job. It’s a shame that our Government is being dictated to by large corporations who only care about $$$