Submission 0073-FRESOH_670576

Submitter: Fraser River Ecological Society of Hope

Community: Hope

Date Submitted: June 16, 2023

Sport fishers deprive salmon of resting spots between Vancouver and Hope, dump lead weights and litter into the Fraser River and often exceed their daily limit. Catch and release fishing is ineffective and should be studied.

Our concern is with the sport fishery, the damage they do does not receive enough attention.
(1)– from Vancouver to Hope they occupy every calm water area on the river, depriving the salmon of resting spots
(2)– the amount of lead weights lost in the river has to be added to total amount of toxic material that makes it into the Fraser. People delude themselves by believing the weights just get buried. The river erodes the weights just like it does the rocks within it and the rocks are much harder then lead.
(3)– besides the lead, there is also all of the other litter that is left behind that winds up in the river – fishing line , plastic bags, food wrappers, human waste, etc
(4)– catch and release is a joke , someone really needs to do a study to see if caught and released salmon actually make it to their spawning grounds
(5)– poaching among sports fishermen is a bigger problem then people believe. We often see fishermen catch their limit for the day, leave, and half hour to an hour later they are right back fishing. We thing that DFO greatly underestimates the number of fish the sports fishery harvests.

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Comment List

Name: Priscilla Judd

Date Created: July 20, 2023

I believe lead was banned for “shot” in duck hunting – apparently hunters now use stainless steel. One would think that a lead policy would be applied to fishing too. If not – please recommend that it be done.

I saw a video about the wild salmon cycle and a Conservation Officer stated that they need more Officers working to monitor the spawning rivers and habitat. That would be a good way to spend Federal DFO money.

As to the plastics and garbage: “Good Government” ought to ban plastic packaging. People survived without plastic packaging once upon a time – it could happen again.

Salmon and nature will happily disappear if mankind doesn’t take care. That’s what nature does – adapts to the conditions of habitat – even if it means extinction.

Name: Wendy Young

Date Created: June 24, 2023

I have witnessed first hand the disgusting amounts of garbage left by the people who fish for salmon on this area of the Fraser River. I have also seen many dead salmon lying along the road way; thrown away because they have spoiled in the summer heat. When I see used diapers, beer cans, plastic pails, webs of plastic fishing line covering the ground and hundreds of lead weights I become discouraged about what my government is doing to protect this very unique ecosystem. Can we not preserve this small pocket of land where rare species of plants and animals live? Can we not allow the salmon this small space as a place of respite before they attempt the currents at Hell’s Gate? Catch and Release is not working here. Greed is mocking mandated limits. The blind-eye approach will permanently destroy this very special plant and animal refuge.

Name: Bruce Probert

Date Created: September 2, 2023

Your submission shows great insight, thank you for expressing an extremely important issue the commission should show by example they “get” the meaning of your statements!

What is not stated by others, is the elephant in the room.

You know what I mean, the one of which they provide no description.

Therefore “it” does not exist.

Forgive me if my statements do not represent a proper sign of respect for the true meaning you wished to impart.

I merely wish to add my support to your submission

Thank you,

Bruce Probert