Submission 0727-SKIPPER

Submitter: Peter Skipper

Community: Nanaimo

Date Submitted: September 8, 2023

The commission should recommend further research to learn about the possible brain tumours in Fraser sockeye and if salmon farms are to blame, and should recommend better independent inspections of fish farms.

As the purpose of the Commission is to make recommendations for improving the future sustainability of the sockeye salmon fishery in the Fraser River, although find no fault, I hope it will answer, or recommend further research to answer, what these possible brain tumours are in the Fraser sockeye and whether salmon farm-origin viruses are responsible for the majority of Fraser sockeye that went missing. Another recommendation I hope addresses the need for closer inspection of salmon farms by non-industry inspectors as does Canada have for its meat and other food supplies. As I follow the proceedings, it seems the connection between DFO scientists and DFO governance or managers requires more at length distance. A separate fisheries research board were scientists may independently publish and publicly discuss findings is necessary. The secrecy and appearance of withholding information from the public needs to be corrected.

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