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Submitter: stuart morrison

Community: kelowna

Date Submitted: September 8, 2023

There has been a purposeful distortion in the identity of Alexandra Morton at the hearings where she was addressed as “doctor.”Ms. Morton does not have a doctorate, she has a science degree only.

There has been, what I consider to be a purposeful distortion in the identity of Alexandra Morton.
A lawyer heard in questioning at 10:05 a.m. Thursday Sept.8 referred to Ms. Morton as “Doctor”. I joined the audio feed at about this point, so I cannot identify the lawyer.
Ms. Morton does not have a doctorate; she has a science degree from Washington (DC)University, nothing more.
The New York Times newspaper, in a feature on Ms. Morton, referred to her as “self-taught”.

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Name: Susan Jones

Date Created: September 9, 2023

In 2010, Simon Fraser University conferred an honorary Doctorate Degree on B.C. biologist, Alexandra Morton, in recognition of her work linking sea lice infestation in wild salmon to fish farming in the Broughton Archipelago which has drawn international attention and challenged both the salmon farm industry and the government officials who regulate it.

On Thursday at the close of the day, the Honourable Bruce Cohen, Commissioner, addressed Ms. Morton as Dr. Morton in recognition of the honorary degree she received for her work on salmon. Mr. Cohen had every right to use the title “Dr.” when speaking to Alexandra Morton as an honorary degree entitles the use of the term “Dr.”

Name: K Lorinth

Date Created: September 9, 2023

SFU’s Director of the Office of the President stated in writing, regarding the PhD awarded to Alexandra Morton:

“And keep in mind that this is not a PhD credential; it is an honorary degree, which is entirely different.”

Her degree from the US was from a two year Bachelor of Arts program (at “American University”), according to her statement in a US hearing. Perhaps she could explain how that became a BSc.. Maybe she took extra credits because I don’t think that would count as a BSc. in Canada.


Name: Anissa

Date Created: September 9, 2023

Dr or not she is a pier reviewed published scientist with the highest honour SFU can bestow on someone and she explained in depth to Provincial council what publishing science really involves. Her conservative estimate of time spent inside ringtail of 2,000 hours looking at documents along with her own science and on the ground experience should be respected enough that we could at the least listen to what she wanted to say. The behavior in the court room by Federal council Taylor was more like a criminal trial about her credibility. That speaks volumes Justice Cohen. I hope you read that “secret” report and make it public.

Name: Kim Fulton

Date Created: September 9, 2023

Alexandra Morton’s credentials involve, among other things, numerous hours working in the locations where the problems are. Pracitical work, in my view may be more of a credential than a PhD. Many of PhD’s gained their doctorate’s in areas quite unrelated to fish farming. Much of her work has been peer reviewed and published by reputable journals. Besides all that she has passion to save the salmon and is speaking for those that cannot speak for themselves.