Submission 0720-HARVEY

Submitter: Robert CH Harvey

Community: Langley

Date Submitted: September 7, 2023

Put an end to open net fish farming in BC.

Dear Committe, please let my voice be added to those that want an end to Open Net Fishfarming in BC. From What I have read, I believe they are a major contributor to the decline of Wild Stocks, This is totally unacceptable, the poisoning of the Wild Stocks so that a few People can profit. If Farming is to take place it should only be permitted on Land in a system proven not to release, Parasites or nutrients back into the ocean. We have a great natural resource that we could manage for perpituity however we need to get the Fish Factories out of our oceans NOW. Not only that ,,What a great waste harvesting fish in south america to feed farmed fish up here. Please end this madness and help us return to cleaner , safer oceans for our Wild Salmon Stocks.

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