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Submitter: Richard Swanton

Community: Delta

Date Submitted: September 6, 2023

Part of the problem with salmon populations is the various jurisdictions involved in the harvesting. Why are Americans allowed to catch Fraser River fish in such an inequitable fashion, and who is monitoring these trans-border fisheries?

Part of the problem with the over all salmon populations . Is the whole series of jurisdictions involved in the harvesting of the Fish. Various First Nations have a percentage of the harvest. Then there is the commercial fisheries here in Canada . But on the migration several States have there own rules and priorities. Along with there own Tribal Fisheries ! Just to many fingers in the Pie This Year is a prime example Canadian Fisher persons have had very few openings While American Tribal Commercial Fisheries and Non Tribal Cimmercial Fisheries are prosecuted off Point Roberts on a Daily Bases Both Seine And Gill net fisheries seem to be opened on a regular bases WHY are Fraser River Bound Fish being GIVEN to the Americans in such an inequitable fashion . Why are Canadian Fish from the Fraser River given as a Component of the Tribal Fisheries of Washington State, a percentage of the catch ? Should they not be granted fish originate from Washington State Rivers only ! Are we obliged to provide for the Tribal Fisheries of Washington, Oregon and Alaska TOO from Canadian Bound Fish ? Whom is monitoring these Tran Border fisheries ! As testimony from many parties indicated we cannot control or quantify poaching and fish harvest levels in are own rivers and fisheries How can we depend on catch figures and controls over ALL the Various American States and Tribal Nations That impact are Salmon. Are we really getting are fare share of the resource
It has Been Very Rare that Canadian Siene Vessels have ever fished off the mouth of the Fraser River even for hourly periods in the last twenty Years Yet Tribal and all nations Fisheries from Washington are spending DAYS fishing at Point Roberts Washington [ see attached photo’s] Where is the equality or fairness here ? These are Canadian bound fish ! If we are to commit to preserving the Habitat and protecting the resource in the critical Fresh Water Areas of the life cycle ! Canadians should be the ones the benefit from the resource ! No wonder we are not being stewards we are not harvesting the crop reaping the benefits We are SUCKERS to let this happen
Attached are photo’s of Siene Boats off Point Roberts Washington Many are registered on Alaska , Washington , Oregon Are we to provide for Commercial Fisher persons from all the States of the Union and all the Tribal Fisher persons too ? With Salmon from Canadian Source Rivers ? I hear the lop sided harvesting is worse in Alaskan Waters

Yours Richard

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