Submission 0664-BOLEEN

Submitter: Michelle Boleen

Community: Whitehorse

Date Submitted: August 30, 2023

The rights of fish farm owners should not be put before the rights of all Canadians to have healthy wild salmon stocks.

After following the court proceedings and reading the information brought to light by Dr. Kristi Miller, I feel compelled to write a short submission.

Wild Salmon are a resource that need to be protected. They benefit the economy for the jobs they create through the fishery, they benefit the ocean ecosystem for those animals that feed on the fish, they benefit cultures in which salmon are an important aspect.

I strongly urge that fish farms be closed to protect the natural, wild salmon. Why are the livelihoods of a small number of fish farm owners put above those of the people that rely on the WILD salmon. Wild salmon are a resource that belong to ALL Canadians. Fish farm salmon are a resource that belong to a small number of Canadians/foreign owned companies.

It breaks my heart and my soul that governments always think short term. They don’t want to do what they know is right because it will make people with influence upset (fish farm owners), and this could be bad for their image or they might receive fewer donations for the upcoming election.

Please, read the evidence. There is no question. Fish farms are having an adverse effect on wild salmon stocks. Protect this wild resource for us all. It will lead to greater economic prosperity in the long run.

Do what is right – that is what wins votes and you will spend your retirement years knowing you protected a wild resource for your grandchildren, and for our country. Or, think short-term and have a weight on your conscience for the rest of your years.

The rights of fish farm owners should NOT be put before the rights of all Canadians that own this natural resource.

Michelle Boleen

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