Submission 0626-DRIEDGER

Submitter: Rick Driedger

Community: Smithers

Date Submitted: August 27, 2023

If a majority of the population is not in favour of fish feed lots then the government must excise them out of our waters immediately.

I am very disturbed by the fact millions are being spent on an apparent dog and pony show put on by a seemingly Rogue government that seems to have forgotten who it represents. While our children’s salmon are being decimated by a foreign species IE Atlantic Feed lot Fish . The Government is supposed to be of the people for the people ? Not for lining the pockets of foreign interests. The Fraser sockeye run is in peril and we have already lost a good percentage of the run. Seems odd that the sockeye runs in the watersheds that have denied fish farms to pollute our waters are healthy IE Skeena and Nass fish this is not a c coincidence!! Maybe the politicians that are scrambling to protect themselves with gag orders and fragmented information should listen to the people that pay them ? Possibly a referendum then the people of this province can decide if we want to risk our children’s Sacred Salmon . It is not the Government that should decide this it is us the people if a majority of the population is not in favour of fish feed lots then they must be excised out of our waters immediately not next year or the year after right now . Time has run out for government ineptness Yours truly Rick Driedger on behalf of my 6 year old daughter Saige and 14 year old daughter Mackenzie

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