Submission 0593-WILCOX

Submitter: James Wilcox

Community: Olympia

Date Submitted: July 30, 2023

The Steelhead and Salmon Conservation Society commends the Cohen Commission for its work and looks forward to reviewing its findings regarding farmed Atlantic
salmon practices and their impacts on Fraser sockeye and those who rely on them.

I’m writing to commend you and others associated with the vey important Cohen Commission responsible for evaluating the mountains of documents and other evidence along with a great deal of public and corporate testimony regarding the decline of Fraser River sockeye salmon the benefits and costs associated with open, pen-raised Atlantic salmon in large farms in many locations throughout British Columbia’s pristine marine waters.

These same waters are home to several species of highly valued, wild Pacific salmon, steelhead trout and a vast number of marine mammals.

The concern that these farmed Atlantic salmon and the practices associated with raising them to marketable sizes are directly responsible for health, economic, environmental, social and cultural impacts, especially in regards to the extremely valuable and improtant Fraser River sockeye salmon, is vitally important to those of us working daily to protect and restore one or more of these magnificent species.

The ongoing work to understand the impacts associated! with farmed salmon practices is important to many around the globe; including
those of us in the Steelhead and Salmon Conservation Society.

Many of the benefits and costs associated with Farmed Atlantic salmon practices will be further vetted during the May 29 – 31, 2012 , SSCS-hosted “International Farmed Atlantic Salmon” symposium to be held at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

The long-awaited findings of the very importantCohen Commission will be extremely valuable as we prepare for next spring’s informative symposium.

We look forward to reviewing the Cohen Commission findings regarding British Columbia’s policies and regulations associated with Farmed Atlantic
salmon practices and their many impacts to Fraser River sockeye salmon and to those who rely on them.

Thank you.


Steelhead and Salmon Conservation Society

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