Submission 0584-HILLIS

Submitter: Peter Hillis

Community: Rossland

Date Submitted: July 27, 2023

Make information regarding fish farms public and close down open net pen leases.

Dear Mr. Cohen,

Unfortunately I am unable to attend the hearings in Vancouver but I would like to let the commission know that all wild fish stocks are very important to myself and most Canadians.(Harper and Campbell excluded)
Not only are the wild fish stocks important but so is an open and honest DFO that is working to protect the environment on behalf of all Canadians. It should be unacceptable to have DFO acting as shills for the corporate fish farm industry. Personally I would never knowingly eat farmed fish but if fish farms are to remain in BC then the only system that can guarantee no cross contamination into wild ocean species is closed containment on land. Given the history of fish farms around the world it is obvious that the companies running them cannot be trusted in anything they say or do.

If it is in your power, please force all information regarding fish farms held by the DFO and the fish farm industry to be made public and close down the existing net pen leases. Any DFO or fish farm personal that have lied about these issues should be charged with environmental and/or wildlife crimes.

I fully support Alex Morton’s efforts on these issues.

Thank you for your time,
Peter Hillis

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