Submission 0583-CAMERON

Submitter: Michael Cameron

Community: Vancouver

Date Submitted: July 27, 2023

Fish farms are having a significant impact on salmon stocks.

I sincerely, hope that you can actually find some measure of independence in the matter. I have been following the issue for some time now, and devoted several research endeavors in university to the topic of aquaculture in BC and around the world. It is apparent to commercial and sports fishermen, as well as numerous scientists that are NOT funded by the government ( one has to check bias on both sides of the fence) that fish farms are having a significant impact on salmon stocks. Yes, there are certainly other impacts, which makes one realize why it has been so easy to dodge the issue so far (reminds me a bit of the tobacco debate and having to prove a causal relationship when logic, scientific data, and common sense can connect the dots). Further, these largely foreign-owned companies are meeting stiff resistance in their own countries! Please give careful consideration to the weight of the matter, err on the side of caution, and note how important the fish are to the entire coastal ecosystem.

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