Submission 0541-MCKINLAY

Submitter: Brian McKinlay

Community: Vancouver

Date Submitted: May 25, 2023

Science-based evidence about the harm caused by open net cage salmon farms must be taken seriously by the commission. The salmon farming industry must be held accountable for its actions.

It is imperative and just that science based evidence be used in this inquiry alongside all of the concerns regarding open net cage salmon farms and their record to date of harming wild salmon stocks in areas where the 2 must coexist. Some might say that consequential evidence is not proof but in cases of murder or sexual violence such evidence weighs extremely heavy and often identifies the offender, therefore such evidence MUST be used and taken seriously.
Most of these farms were allowed under illegal conditions, ie: the operators lied right from the start, breaking the law and setting up shop in areas where they were not supposed to. this industry is rife with lies, coverups and immorality and must be held accountable!
Get these toxic salmon farms out of our waters!

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