Submission 0530-CECILL

Submitter: b cecill

Community: gibsons

Date Submitted: May 2, 2023

It is dismaying that the commission has banned the publication of disease-related information. The commission is supposed to be public, and disease information ought to be immediately reported to the appropriate government agencies.

I was extremely dismayed to find out that this commission has banned the publication of ALL information related to applications for release of information.

This is supposed to be a a PUBLIC inquiry. It is not about matters of national security where the need of unusual levels of secrecy might be justified.

If there is information about disease, then that information ought to be reported to appropriate government agencies immediately.

If a bomb plot were discovered, I would expect that information to be passed along immediately.

If there is disease that is of immediate concern, I would also expect that information to be shared immediately. Time IS of the essence here.

I can’t imagine that you you wish to be part of the demise of the salmon.

Why the secrecy?? Please reconsider.

Thank you

Bet Cecill

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