Submission 0474-KEENAN

Submitter: Bernadette Keenan

Community: Surrey

Date Submitted: March 15, 2024

(The attached document was provided to the commission at the Kamloops public forum as part of the submission by Bernadette Keenan.)

The South Fraser Perimeter Road Project threatens to destroy sensitive salmon habitat, and will create a nightmare for ensuring the sustainability of Fraser sockeye. If the project goes ahead, it will cause creeks to be paved over, trees to be cut down, and toxic runoff to spill into the Fraser River. A problem with a Manson Canal holding pond during the 2008 spawning season is an example of how ongoing preparations for the project are already damaging salmon habitat. No cumulative environmental assessment of the project’s impacts were conducted, and the commission should recommend that the project be cancelled and its funding be diverted to other transportation solutions, such as rail and short sea shipping.

This submission was presented at the Kamloops public forum on October 21, 2010.

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Comment List

Name: Anthony Marr

Date Created: March 23, 2024

Ignore voices of reason, such as Bernadette Keenan’s, at our long term peril.

Name: Priscilla Judd

Date Created: May 15, 2023

I just wondered if we could have an update on this Perimiter Road. Has it come to the attention of anyone who can do anything about mitigating the problems of freeway construction? It seems we don’t know to take our concerns to. Who makes the decisions. Does the Commission have any power to intervene?

Thank you for this information – I did see this presentation in Kamloops – I had forgotton about it in the meantime.

I will re-read the submission and see if there has is follow up by the presenter.