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Submitter: Ron Kinch

Community: Victoria

Date Submitted: May 18, 2023

DFO should implement policies that promote sustainable aquaculture using technologies developed by Canadian entrepreneurs.

I am hoping that Canadian DFO Minister Gail Shea will set the U.S. guidelines for sustained fish farming. It’s called Free Trade….level playing field.
Shea should get this organization to accept requests for proposals and set a date when all fish farms in BC be approved in order to renew licenses.


and request for proposals to design various types of containment pens on land and in the ocean and set a timeline for those with licenses to make the changeover before their licenses are revoked.

There is a successful small fish farm at Agassiz, BC Swift Aquaculture but not much volume.

Another positive I believe to be true is SDTC Sustained Development Technology Canada an agency looking for proposals to be brought to commercialization so Canadian funds are available to construct these containment pens. It’s part of the Natural Resources Ministry so we have 3 ministries DFO Gail Shea, Jim Prentice, Environment and Christian Paradis, Natural Resources and Sustainable development.

Hope M.P. Finn Donelly’s bill C-518 gets through the House of Commons, Ottawa.

Don’t blame Minister Gail Shea yet, she inherited a legal BC vs. Ottawa mess in Aquaculture in BC and even now she needs 3 Ministries DFO, Environment and Natural REsources for sustainable development to get a solution in place. Hopefully she will get it done soon for the sake of 11 million sockeye smolts who gave their lives in battle. And for the sake of the First Nations Fishery. Hopefully she won’t need much time to put these Regulations in place. I’m sure she would have all party support in the House of Commons. And for the sake of Canuck Entrepreneurs who will step up to become innovative in a sustainable market place.
Encourage Gail Shea, she’s the solution not the problem. Send her emails of support to do the right thing soon.
So get angry with a passion to win and make Canada a winner with a Gold Medal in the world marketplace for a Sustainable Aquaculture.
Ron Kinch
VIctoria, BC

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Name: Ron Kinch

Date Created: June 8, 2023

Does anyone else have a better solution?