Submission 0440-MCCANDLESS

Submitter: Robert G. McCandless

Community: Delta

Date Submitted: February 10, 2024

The attached letter recommends that the commission examine DFO’s policies related to the issuing of finfish aquaculture licenses under the new Pacific Aquaculture Regulations. The letter argues that the regulations appear to permit site-specific exemptions to section 36 (3) of the Fisheries Act, thereby departing from DFO’s decades-old practice of regulating habitat alteration by industry. The letter also suggests that the new regulations may offer little support in protecting Fraser sockeye.


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Comment List

Name: Jack Emberly

Date Created: April 20, 2023

It’s a shame that my comment is the first made to this revelation. By helping the finfish industry to pollute salmon waters andavoid prosecution under the Fisheries Act, the DFO and their masters, the Conservative government are undermining not only wild sockeye, but the will of the people of Canada. Mr. McCandless is right. Any decision of this type should have earned Parliamentary approval. When you connect the dots you find a small minded, short-sighted party willing that doesn’t belief wild salmon are “economically viable”. Jack