Submission 0038-NOLAN

Submitter: lisa nolan

Community: white rock

Date Submitted: April 27, 2023

The decline of Pacific salmon is a multifaceted and international issue. Addressing it may require a ban on commercial salmon fishing enforced by heavy fines for violators. The commission should investigate issues such as underwater sound levels, availability of salmon food sources, urban growth in southern B.C., stream and river diversion, fish farming and sea lice.


How to sustain Pacific Salmon in international waters, with commercial trawlers, fish finding technology, and nets when profit and consumer demand are part of this problem, perhaps should be an international discussion with an international action plan solution. All peoples of all nations touching the Pacific Ocean are loosing a food source, as are all wildlife which consume salmon. I would support a 20 year international ban on commercial salmon fishing in order to re-populate the species. I would support international fines of $1 million per commercial fishing vessel caught- the fine would be to the national government of the country of registration of the vessel caught.

When nations start cooperatively policing international waters with the frequency like they police the street of cities, we will see action. I hope this commission receives data on subjects such as underwater sound levels, availability of food sources of salmon, urban growth in southern BC, stream and river diversion, fish farming, lice, and I really hope all data received is true so this doesn’t end up like the climate change data controversy.

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