Submission 0361-HARLSON

Submitter: Ted Harlson

Community: Brampton

Date Submitted: November 22, 2023

The need to act to restore salmon is understandable. Humanity’s record has generally been to improve nature to the benefit of our standards of living. In its deliberations, the commission should consider that the fish farm industry has the potential to provide salmon for future generations. The industry’s skills and knowledge should be applied to the construction of more fish farms.


Dear Cohen Commission,
I am off-reserve and have been for decades. However, I’ve lived in the Okanogan, Shuswap areas for many years so I still remember the terrain.

My mother was Shuswap, my father, mixed.

Having lived off-reserve, I can understand the need to analyze then act to restore the Cohen Salmon. My first reaction would be to utilize the best skills and knowledge that is available to build more fish farms.

Project 5 is the most appealing to me for the reason that man’s involvement in nature has generally been to better nature that also benefits our living standards. Green lawns instead of wild bush, wonderful plastics instead of useless black gook. Our lives consist of creating values by remaking nature for survival, enjoyment and furtherance of life.

Man’s nature is to make things better.

Another reason that is of consequence is the fact development will continue to grow and future generations will need Cohen Salmon. To deny them access to farmed fish would be to deprive them of a much needed source of healthy eating. Cohen Salmon can become a vibrant, healthy industry.

My only observation I see in this is it would have to be the private sector that develops this industry in order for it to be successful. Government has ways of botching up and making expensive the easiest tasks.

I think the Salmon Associations could do a great job of planning, and developing excellent Cohen fish farms there. I would certainly buy the tinned fish here in Toronto as many others would.

Please give your major consideration to the fish farm industry as your commission deliberates the future of Cohen Salmon.
Thank you,

Ted Harlson
Brampton, Ontario

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