Submission 0356-HANSON

Submitter: Douglas Hanson

Community: Hornby Island

Date Submitted: November 15, 2023

To ensure rigorous sampling and an accurate set of findings, the commission should include data on all fish farms in its research on the farmed and wild salmon fisheries.

I understand and agree with the concept of parsimony when conducting research on the farmed and wild salmon fisheries. However, this approach precludes that the sampling be random to ensure an accurate representation of the entire population of each fishery.

Without this level of rigor in sampling it is strongly suggested that all data of interest be ascertained for the entire fisheries. The arbitrary selection or elimination of specific fish farms for the Commissions study will only serve to reduce the accuracy and acceptance of the outcomes and recommendations.

I request that the Commission revise their sampling protocol to include all fish farms. Our fisheries are much to important to our and future generations to leave their future to chance.

Thank you,

Douglas Hanson

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