Submission 0035-RITCHIE

Submitter: William J.S. Ritchie

Community: Gibbons

Date Submitted: April 20, 2023

Evidence dating back to the 1990s shows that sea lice from open cage salmon farming decimate local indigenous salmonid populations. The commission should focus on this and other issues related to fish farming, such as the escape of Atlantic salmon.


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Comment List

Name: Buffy Bye

Date Created: April 30, 2023

Very well stated Mr Ritchie. I am an ordinary Canadian too and after hearing Alexandra Morton’s presentation for her Salmon Are Sacred walk, I wanted to learn more. I’m shocked we as a country let ourselves get in to this situation when there is evidence (i.e. sea lice) that open-net fish farming brings serious harm to the environment and wildlife. I’m happy the commission has been launched and trust we’ll have answers and action in a timely manner before it’s too late.

Name: stuart morrison

Date Created: May 3, 2023

A note to Buffy Bye: You listened to one “lecture” from Alexandra Morton and now you believe what she says.
Ms. Morton has never proved “cause and effect” of sea lice impacts from salmon farms on wild stocks. In fact there is not one peer-reviewed report that proves that scientific standard. Ms. Morton has fallen back on the phrase, “weight of evidence.” Without conclusive proof, which neither she nor any of the protesters can provide, weight of evidence is weightless.
Ms.Bye, please read Ms. Morton’s submission to the Cohen Commission, then read a submission from Dr. Tom Sheppard, of the B-C Government. There are TWO sides to this issue. Ms. Morton represents just one and that is not enough on which to form a science-based opinion.

Name: William Ritchie

Date Created: May 3, 2023

A note to Stuart Morrison,

Good science is based on good observation, it has been catorgorically observed that when fish farms set up in an area with indigenous salmonoid populations the indigenous stocks collapse,this effect has been observed at all locations where farms set up and is a “fact” i will leave the Cohen Commission to determine what the cause of the stock collapses are, although i am of the opinion that sealice are the main cause, 1 female louse on each fish in a farm with 700,000 will produce 140,000,000 eggs every two weeks,30 plus farms in the inside passage the math doesnt lie.