Submission 0340-ARSENAULT

Submitter: Darlene Arsenault

Community: Sayward

Date Submitted: November 3, 2023

Scientific evidence shows that fish farms cause pollution and are detrimental to wild fish stocks and other marine wildlife. DFO’s fish farm responsibilities are in conflict with its other duties. Wild salmon are the cornerstone of the coastal ecosystem and must not be allowed to disappear.

I hope that the Cohen Commission listens to the science that support the facts, that fish farms are a poison plague on our oceans. That they cause pollution from a large range of pesticides and growth hormones into our wild fish stocks, as well as being detrimental to other marine wildlife. DFO needs to be relieved from it’s duties regarding fish farms, as it is in conflict with it’s other mandates. I appeal to this commission to not let foreign interests colour the final outcome. The future of this coast and it’s inhabitants are the important thing here, my children’s future is in the balance. the future of the balance of nature on this coast is in the balance. Wild Salmon = Orca=Sea Lions= Humpbacks= Eagles= Grizzly Bears= Black Bears= The Great Bear Rainforest. Our Pink Salmon stocks are the cornerstone of all this. We will fall, if our Wild Salmon falls !!

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