Submission 0324-WATSON

Submitter: Barbara Watson

Community: Sidney

Date Submitted: October 27, 2023

(The attached document was provided to the commission at the Victoria public forum as part of the submission by Barbara Watson.)

Aquaculture operators refuse to release disease information, and fish farms threaten the destruction of wild stocks through feed and disease issues. As fry, the sockeye that returned in 2010 may have migrated south around Vancouver Island rather than north, thereby avoiding contact with fish farms. The introduction of large seine boats displaced jobs and caused economic hardship for fishing communities, and the aquaculture industry has done little to replace these jobs as most of its profits are funnelled to foreign corporations. Achieving sustainability for Fraser sockeye requires a return to fisheries policies that support smaller fishing boats, as well as the adoption of land-based aquaculture.

This submission was presented at the Victoria public forum on September 16, 2010.

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